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Durham Key Options

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Step 3 - Offer


Shortlisting Process

Following the close of each cycle all bids received will be put in priority order to produce a list of eligible applicants for each property advertised. Applicants who fall within the preferred application bands (as shown on the property adverts) will be considered before applicants in the other bands.

An offer will be made to the applicant to who appears at the top of the list. Before an offer is made the partner organisation who owns the property will verify the details of the applicant who is top of the list to check their circumstances have not changed since they submitted their application.

Please be aware that the partner organisation who has advertised the property will only contact applicants to who an offer will be made.

Sometimes an offer may be made before the repairs are carried out and therefore you will be made a provisional offer, you will need to tell us you want to accept this provisional offer. When the keys become available for the property you will be made a full offer and be invited to view the property. If you accept either a provisional offer or a full offer you will not be able to bid for any other properties.

If the property is refused it will be offered to the next applicant on the waiting list, it will not be re-advertised until everyone on the list has been contacted.

If you refuse three suitable offers you will be removed from the register for a period of 6 months. You will have the right to appeal.

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