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Renting from other Registered Providers

RPs provide properties to rent for people in housing need. Some RPs also offer low cost home ownership schemes for first time buyers or for people on low incomes. RPs are funded and regulated by the Housing Corporation and operate on a not for profit basis.

There are a number of RPs operating across County Durham and the type of accommodation they offer varies, with some of them specialising in accommodation for people with specific needs e.g. older people, young single people, people with physical disabilities, mental health or substance abuse problems.

RPs play a big part in meeting the housing needs of people in County Durham. Most of the RPs operating across the region will advertise 50% of their vacancies on the scheme to enable the relevant local authorities to put forward people that have made a successful bid; this is called a nomination.

On occasion, some of the RPs will choose to advertise more than 50% of their vacancies on the scheme.

The property adverts will clearly state which RP is advertising the property and who is eligible to apply.

If you are interested in renting a housing association property or want to find out more information about the RPs operating in County Durham, please click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.