believe housing LLP

Local Letting Policy 1


  • Suitable two or three-bedroom flats or houses across stock held by believe housing.


  1. Properties would be let via Durham Key Options and would adhere to the Durham Key Options Policy.

  2. Properties will be let to either two friends or family members or to individuals who may not have met, but would like to share with someone.

  3. The properties will not be let to joint applicants, who are welcome to bid on other properties advertised through DKO.

  4. Applicants will be asked to engage with believe housing’s Tenancy Sustainment Team to assess, as much as possible, whether applicants who propose to share are compatible.

  5. believe housing reserves the right to refuse access to a Shared Tenancy, if they believe the tenancy is not suitable or sustainable for the applicant.

  6. No pets will be allowed as part of the Shared Tenancy Agreement.

    believe housing will gather information through a range of sources to assess applicant’s suitability for a shared tenancy.  This could include references, police checks, face-to-face interviews, engagement with support agencies and references from them (and any other sources that believe housing considers to be relevant).  believe housing will also take into account the applicant’s compatibility with the other proposed tenants and will also take into account applicant’s views on who they would like to share with. 


  • This policy will be effective from September 2018.


Local Letting Policy 2


  • All new build properties built or purchased by believe housing (or previously, County Durham Housing Group). For first lets and all subsequent lets for the first five years.


Prioritisation will be in accordance with the Durham Key Options scheme with the following additional criteria – we will:

  • Carry out a home visit (where appropriate) with the proposed tenant prior to a formal offer being made
  • Not consider any applicant with any records of ASB in the last 6 years, or any open cases of ASB being investigated at the point of offer
  • Expect that applicants will have a clear rent account, including other charges such as recharges or FTA, for 12 months leading up to the formal offer being made (the Lettings Manager, believe housing, will have final determination of any exceptional cases).


  • May 2019


  • This will be reviewed five years from the first let in 2019.