Gentoo Local Letting Policies

Local Letting Policy 1


  • Scorer's Lane, Great Lumley


  1. Applicants with a local connection (as per below) to the Parish of Great Lumley or its adjoining parishes, will first be prioritised above those without, regardless of banding priority
  2. After these applicants are prioritised, applicants with a local connection to the former district of Chester-le-Street will then be prioritised above those with no such connection.
  3. All other applicants will then be considered from County Durham but only if the properties are not allocated to applicants meeting the connection in points 1 or 2 above.

The following criteria is in place- in line with the section 106 agreement: -

When an applicant or member of the applicant’s household (who is to be rehoused with the applicant) is:

  • Currently resident in the area for a minimum of 3 years


  • Has an essential need to live close to another person who has permanent residence (min 3 years) in the area. This essential need applies to applicants who currently reside outside of the area who support or require support from someone who is resident in that area


  • Currently employed within the area. This is defined in line with DKO policy as in continuous full or part time work* in the area for at least 12 months prior to the date of application. Part time work means a minimum of 2 full days per week.

Durham County Council has 100% nomination rights on initial and subsequent allocations of the development. Therefore, all properties will be allocated through Durham Key Options.


  • December 2019