Livin Local Lettings Policies


Local Letting Policy 1


  • The ‘Courts’ Shildon Regeneration Area


  1. Properties within the specified areas will be let in line with the following criteria:-

  • Livin tenants that are assessed as adequately housed will not be considered until they have held their current tenancy over two years

  • All tenants must have completed a tenancy support assessment and affordability check with Livin before the commencement of any tenancy.  Where Livin deem a property unaffordable an offer may be withdrawn and alternative accommodation proposed

  • All applicants (or member of the household to be rehoused) must not have been found responsible of committing anti-social behaviour by Livin, a previous Landlord or the police within the last two years.

  • We expect applicants will have a clear rent account, including other charges such as recharges for FTA, for 3 months prior to formal offer being made (Livin's Strategic Housing Manager will make final determination of any exceptional cases)

   2. Preference will be given to those engaging in positive activity

  • 60% of homes being offered will be to applicants in part or full time work at the point of allocation.
  • 5% of homes offered will be to applicants engaged with Livin Futures, Livin's employability programme which supports tenants into training and work


  • July 2022


  • June 2024